How to Maintain Your Countertops

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Your countertops are an essential part of your kitchen. Everything goes on your countertops. People gather, cook, and make messes from appliances to meals. That is why it is important to know how to maintain your countertops and keep them looking as good as new ones. Follow along for our five easy steps to keep your countertops cleaner than ever!

5 Easy Steps to Keep Clean

  1. Clean your countertops regularly with a mild detergent and water
  • We know how busy your schedule can get and how it is not realistic to deep clean every night or week. However, all you need is soap and water for your countertops. This will keep your countertops free of dirt, debris, and bacteria. If you have any tough stains, you can use a nonabrasive scrubber with your mild detergent to help remove the stain.
  1. Apply a sealant at least once a year to protect them from stains and scratches
  • A sealant is a clear coat that you apply to your countertops that will protect them from everyday wear and tear. A sealant will also make it easier to clean up any spills because the liquid will not be able to penetrate the surface. Your countertops have a sealant already on them, but they can wear over time. You can find a sealant for your countertop type at your local hardware store.
  1. Use coasters and placemats under cups, plates, and hot pots to avoid damaging the surface.
  • We know everyone down in Lafayette, Louisiana, loves to cook delicious food and host big family gatherings. To help protect your countertops, make your guests use coasters and placemats. This will help prevent any scratches or water rings. Also, wipe up spills immediately. This will help prevent any staining and maintain the integrity of the sealant.
  1. Don’t use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that can damage the sealant or the countertop’s surface.
  • Many cleaners on the market can damage your countertop’s sealant or, worse, the surface. Many of these harsh chemicals are found in products that say they will “clean and shine” your countertops. The best way to clean and maintain the beauty of your countertops is to stick with a mild detergent and water solution.
  1. Keep knives and other sharp objects away from the counters to prevent cuts and scratches.
  • Always use a cutting board when handling knives and other sharp objects. Not only will this help protect your countertops, but it will also help keep your hands safe.

Maintaining your countertops is essential to keeping them looking as good as new. Follow our five easy steps, and you will be able to save your countertops clean and free of bacteria, stains, and scratches. If you have any tough stains or if your sealant has worn over time, make sure to call your local kitchen remodelers. They are there to help with all your kitchen wants, needs, and questions.

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How to Clean Specific Countertops

Different countertops require different cleaning techniques. Continue reading to learn about the demands of your particular countertop material type.


It is important that you follow the five steps listed above when cleaning your countertops, no matter what material they are made of; however, when you have granite countertops, you can use special granite cleaners to add extra care and protection to your counters.

  • Make sure to use a soft microfiber towel and scrub in small circular motions.
  • NEVER use an abrasive cleaner
  • Don’t use glass cleaners, ammonia, bleach, or acids because they can strip the sealant.


For Corian countertops, an ammonia-based cleaned combined with water will do the trick. Make sure always to use a microfiber towel and scrub in circular motions. It is important to ensure that there is no leftover water or cleaning solution left on these countertops because a film residue will form over time.

Corian countertops also require more frequent cleaning to maintain a proper finish. The darker the color, the more attention the countertop needs. No matter what happens to your countertops over time, the restoration process for Corian countertops is easy and straightforward.


Cleaning your laminate countertops is similar to washing your dishes: quick and easy. For laminate countertops, you can take a nonabrasive sponge and some soap and scrub away any dirt and grime that has built up. If there are any tough spots, you can try adding baking soda to the area and performing a gentle scrub.

To make your laminate counters shine, wipe down the area removing any moisture, then apply a vinegar solution. Finally, take a clean cloth and wipe the surface until it shines.


Marble is extremely sensitive to acidic liquids and cleaners, so you must use lots of basic solutions and water when cleaning these countertops. When cleaning marble, you can use the soft side of a sponge. Once the area is clean, use a dry towel to buff the area dry to give it back its shine. 

If you want extra protection for your marble countertops, you can use a sealer. This will help keep dirt and spills from seeping into the pores of your countertop and causing stains.

You must use the right cleaners for your countertops to maintain their quality. Depending on the material, some countertops require more mild cleansers while others can withstand harsher chemicals. No matter what type of countertop you have in your kitchen, make sure to consult our five-step guide on how to clean and maintain them as well as this specific guide on cleaning different types of countertops. With a little bit of elbow grease and the right cleaning supplies, you will have sparkling countertops in no time!

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