Refacing vs. Refinishing

Find out the benefits of both remodeling techniques and which one might be better for your home!

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Cabinet Updating

Two types of cabinet techniques can be used to update your kitchen or bathroom – cabinet refacing and cabinet refinishing. Both have unique benefits, which is why deciding which route to take when updating your cabinets can be tough. We want to give you the most information before choosing which route you want to take. If you have any additional questions about any specific needs, then feel free to give us a call, and one of our professionals can talk you through the decision-making process.

Cabinet refacing vs. refinishing, which is better? It depends on what you’re looking for in a kitchen update. If you want to change the layout of your kitchen, cabinet refacing is a great option. If you’re happy with your kitchen layout and want to update the look of your cabinets, cabinet refinishing is an excellent option for you. Talk to a professional to see which option is best for you and your home.

Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing is a process where you replace the doors and drawer fronts of your cabinets and any exposed hardware. This is an excellent option if you like the layout of your current cabinetry and want to update the look. Cabinet refacing poses many benefits.

Less Time

Cabinet refacing can take up to two to four days, depending on your kitchen or bathroom size.

Cost Friendly

They can be done at a lower cost than gutting your kitchen and starting from scratch.


Cabinet refacing is also less disruptive because you won’t have to go without a functioning kitchen for weeks or even months.

Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinet refinishing is another option if you want to update your kitchen without starting from scratch. Cabinet refinishing is a great way to change the color or style of your cabinets without having to replace them entirely. Refinishing your cabinets can also be done in a shorter timeline and at a lower cost than cabinet refacing.


Remove all the doors and handles from the cabinets.

  • When removing the doors, make sure to label them. This will help make things easier when reinstalling them.

Clean the surfaces

  • It is always best to start with a clean off any dirt and grime before stripping the wood. This ensures an easier process and a better overall finish.

Soak all of the hardware

  • To get the perfect final look, we will soak the hardware and clean them.

Strip the Wood

  • Depending on the finish of your cabinets, we will use different chemicals to strip the wood. It’s essential to use the right materials, so the cabinets do not get damaged.

Sand, Prime, and Paint the Wood

  • During this step, we will also repair any holes or scratches found on the face of the cabinet. Depending on the finish, we will sometimes add wax on top of your cabinets for an extra layer of protection.

Reinstall the doors and hardware

  • Once the doors are reinstalled, your cabinets will look as good as new.
refacing vs. refinishing

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Cabinet Refacing vs. Refinishing

Both cabinets refacing and refinishing are great options to consider if you want to update your kitchen without gutting it entirely. No matter which technique you choose, your kitchen will look and feel brand new for less time and money than a full renovation.

If you still do not know which option you would like to take, give us a call. Our team is here to help you with the different processes and assess which option might be better for your home. Contact us today with any questions.

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